Surefire High Capacity Magazine, 60 Round MAG5-60

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SF PN# MAG5-60
The SureFire high-capacity magazine for 5.56x45 mm (.223
Remington) ammunition, also available in a 100-round version, is compatible with
M4/M16/AR-15 variants and other firearms that accept standard STANAG 4179
magazines. Constructed from Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum, they feed smoothly
and reliably due to optimal geometry, non-binding coil springs, and ingenious
nesting polymer followers. They require no lubricants and can be easily
disassembled without tools for cleaning.

Length: 8.7nches
Weight Empty: 6.4oz
Weight Loaded 2.02lbs

with all weapons that accept standard STANAG 4179 compliant
Reliable functioning due to mechanical simplicity and high-quality
non-binding coil spring—no lubricants required
Easily seated in weapon with
bolt forward
May be kept fully loaded for extended periods without spring
Only 1.66" thick, less than two 30-round magazines clipped

SureFire high-capacity magazines provide distinct tactical
advantages: increased initial firepower in ambush situations; fewer reloads
overall, which means less downtime and target distraction in a firefight; fast
and easy magazine insertion, even with a closed bolt; less bulk compared to drum
mags, enabling a normal weapon grip. SureFire's 100-round magazine can be
carried in an optional nylon pouch that attaches to a MOLLE system vest. Read
more—High-Capacity Magazines in Firefights.

Note: The Surefire mag will not work with Noveske's Flared lower.